Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

A lot of people say this is a fast paced world. I don't think so. I think the people move to fast. It's amazing how people don't help others anymore. Just about 2 1/2 weeks ago when we were experiencing a bad snow storm, this woman was out with her child asking for a jump. I thought this was insane because she was holding the darn jumper cables in her hand. I got out to assist her and she was on her way. She even tried to pay me but I declined.

I know a person whose grandmother had a heart attack on the street and no one called the ambulance for at least 20 minutes. Unfortunately she passed away due to brain damage. The doctors say if she would have arrived sooner, more than likely, they would have been able to assist her.

Just today, my co-worker and I saw a guy passed out in the snow. We asked was he okay. He didn't answer, but he was visually drunk. This leads to the point that although there are people (I hate when people call other people bums and all that other crap) who make unwise choices, there are some people who genuinely require assistance. You NEVER know when you will be on the other end and need someone.

You could have a brand new car, that doesn't mean that it would breakdown or that you won't ever accidentally leave the lights on. All I'm saying is that you should really be careful of how you treat others. I know caution is a big concern, but if you can, try to do the right thing.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Not Guilty" By Reason of Insanity

I was online today just checking things out and I read something very disturbing. A man who was already incarcerated on murder charges poked out his own eye, and ATE IT!!! Not only is the incident disturbing, what is really disturbing is how our legal system ignore individuals who already need help.

A Texas death row inmate with a history of mental problems pulled out his only good eye, authorities said Friday. Andre Thomas, 25, was arrested for the fatal stabbings of his estranged wife, their young son and her 13-month-old daughter in March 2004. Their hearts also had been ripped out. He was convicted and condemned for the infant’s death.

Thomas, 25, was arrested for the fatal stabbings of his estranged wife, their young son and her 13-month-old daughter in March 2004. Their hearts also had been ripped out. He was convicted and condemned for the infant’s death.

The crime he committed was obviously jail worthy, but since he already had a history of mental illness, why was he in the penitentiary when he should have been in a mental hospital? Thomas was a death row inmate. I don't really agree with the death penalty, but if that was his demise then he probably should have been held at a mental hospital until his execution.

My problem is the "Not Guilty" By Reason of Insanity. I think its an oxymoron. He did it so he is guilty. I think it should be "Guilty" By Reason of Insanity. This way, in the event that someone receives this charge, they can be sent to an insane asylum, mental hospital, mental wing of the jail, etc. until they serve their sentence or are executed as in this case.

There have been several people who have been overlooked on this charge and have been placed in the general population wing of the jail putting other inmates in danger. True enough, if you are an inmate, you may have did something to be put in prison and I use the words may have very strongly because there are innocent people in jail. Inmates are already facing enough dangers from gangs and race wars in prison to have to worry about a psycho. I am not in anyway, shape, or form taking sides with convicts but I know I wouldn't want to be locked up with such individuals.

I watch the show "Lockup" on MSNBC. They visit different jails and show outsiders like us what jail life was really like. I saw an episode where a guy was in jail for killing his parents, and get this, eating their brains. Yes, you just read this correctly. I don't know about you, but I don't think this guy needed a cell mate, but the jail did. Well let's guess what he did to his cellmate. I'll give you a minute.....................................................................................................................(30 seconds remaining)................................................................................................................................Umm, he killed him. He was in jail for his parents murder, "Not Guilty" By Reason of Insanity. Why not change this to "Guilty" By Reason of Insanity and send people like him where they are supposed to go?

I know some people are reading this and saying "She's got a soft spot for criminals" but let me say that anyone is capable of going to jail. There was another guy on this show Lockup that killed an intruder who broke into his home. He was simply defending his house but in his state, it is illegal to kill an intruder, you're suppose to wait for the police. I think this guy did what most people would do if they were capable and if their life was in danger. Does he deserve to be in a cell with a person who ate his parents brains?

All I'm saying is lets get rid of "Not Guilty" By Reason of Insanity and make it "Guilty"!! Maybe this conviction will send people with obviosus issues to where they should be so they can't hurt themselves or others. What's Your Opinion????

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sexual Harrassment: What Is It Really?

Hello All. I had a very interesting encounter with a co-worker the other day that made me feel uncomfortable. It's so weird because it was his second day at work and the first time he has ever saw me and he hit me on the behind with a Christmas Tree branch. He is apart of our janitorial staff and he was over taking down our holiday decorations.

Now, I know some people will say: SUE, SUE, SUE. I am not trying to get anyone in trouble, I am just merely trying to put someone in their place without them losing their job and without me losing my job because I know how to curse someone out really well.

Someone who I consider very wise once told me that sexual harrassment is basically sexual advances from someone that you don't like. I had to think about this because I have in the past (not anymore, it's a whole different story that I will post one day) dated two people I've worked with and they pretty much approached me the same way this guy did, well to be honest with you, this guy is very confrontal and in your face, so I will retract that statement.

I just want to know how other people see the situation. I know there are several things considered sexual harrassment, but here are just two for example:

1. Quid Pro Quo- Basically, if you sleep w/me, you can have a raise or promotion, etc. (I am definitely against this type of harrassment and I will SUE if this ever happened to me.

2. Overhearing Offensive Language/Conversation- Basically you can be eating in the cafeteria and if you happen to overhear some of your co-workers talking about their weekend dates even though the conversation was meant for just them, if you are offended, guess what? That's sexual harrassment!!!!! ( I can't say I totally agree with this)

I just had a reflection while typing this blog and I asked myself to be honest to myself, afterall sometimes the hardest person to tell the truth to is yourself. I don't want to be tapped on my butt at work even if I am dating you.

Question: Do you think the term sexual harrassment depends on whether you like the person or not? What's Your Opinion?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolutions and Why I Don't Make Them!!

Happy New Year's Everyone!! This is the time of the year that you start making promises that your probably won't keep. It's not that we're not capable of doing them or that we're not interested in doing what we said we was going to do, it just seems like when you tell people your resolutions, you become a bacteria under the microscope. Everything you do that may not be compliant to your resolution is pointed out to you. People will point out to you what you're eating, that there is a dish in the sink!!! Whatever they can.

Now, there are somethings that I want to change so I'll just try doing them instead of telling people and announcing it to the world. Last year (when '07 was changing to '08) I wanted to go to school and although I thought about it around New Years, I didn't make it a resolution, it was just a goal. I did enroll in school. I wasn't under the watchful eye of everyone asking me if I had registered and taken placement test, and etc..

I have a set of goals this year. From making sure I do well in school and work, as well as losing some weight. Have you noticed when you tell people you're on a diet, they watch you like a hawk. Well, when you tell yourself, hence the word "yourself" that you want to eat healthier and you do it, people kinda back off. They're comments are way less. They may ask you are you on a diet or something?? You can answer anyway you want!!

So for 2009, I just want to be a better person and set personal goals to achieve. I might not achieve them in '09 because some are so big that it will take a couple of years but at least I can get the ball rolling. The word "Resolution" seems to be tainted in some way because I don't know one person who has kept theirs. The word "Goal" is less invasive and tends to be completed more so than resolutions.

Whatever you do for 2009, I hope that everything you wish to accomplish happens for you whether you call it a Resolution or Goal.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When Your Boss Crosses The Line

Okay...I know I am grown and it's my responsibility to hold down a job. I also know that there is bullsh*t at every job and you can't get mad and quit everytime something comes up at the gig, HOWEVER, there are some instances where integrity is questioned and your boss crosses the line!!

I have a co-worker who boss talks to her in a very condescending way. She has tried to complain but the boss is company and HR favorite who everyone "thinks" can do no wrong. So it's a lose lose situation for my co-worker. She is miserable at work and can't do anything about it. She loves her job and what she does, it's just that the micro-management part is out of control and the tone that is used that when being spoken to.

Her boss told her that talking to her is like talking to her 3 yr old daughter and she doesn't want to bring herself down stooping to her level. My co-worker has a report to do every morning and evening. The boss makes a point to tell her everyday as if she doesn't know which is really weird because she's been there for a year now. When the weather is bad, she'll tell my co-worker, "You can leave." But then she'll say, I didn't tell her to leave and then this big argument about whether she told the girl she could go home or not.

I think that although things happen at the gig, and I know I have financial responsibilities, I will not be disrespected. When you start taking the work home with you, it's just too much. At a previous job, I had a manager tell me he would decided what's important to me. I politely informed him that no one could decided what's important to me. I understand you're a manager, but you don't manage my life, you manage the job. I left because as long as he felt that way, there was no way you could really get ahead.

I just want to know what are some your worse experiences and how should you handle bosses who like to flaunt their professional power while treating you like a peasant? What's Your Opinion?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Single Ladies

Okay, we all know that Beyonce has her new song, "Single Ladies: Put A Ring On It." It has sparked debate about how long a woman should have to wait before her guy pops the question. Is it okay if he never does as long as you're together? Should we as "single ladies" put the ultimatum down or should we wait patiently (within a reasonable timeframe) to be proposed to?

I am currently a single lady. I think about marriage, but not in the aspect of when it's going to happen, but will my game plan go the way I want it to. I currently do not have any children but I hope to have at least one soon. I said I would not have children if I didn't have them by age 30, but I am knocking on that door soon. With that being said, I made the personal decision that I waited this long, so I matter as well wait on a husband to help me raise my future child(ren). If I was to enter a serious relationship, how long should I wait for the proposal? Well, after talking to some of my single friends, some say they will tell their mate after 2 years something needs to happen. I don't feel like you should press a man to marry you. I think that is like begging. Giving an ultimatum is kind of deep too. What if he proposes to shut you up, but then you're engaged for five years or worse, it doesn't work out because he didn't want to marry you in the first place!! That's some BS if you know what I mean. Just because you have been with someone for an "X" amount of years doesn't mean they're the ONE for you. Would you settle for less to get the pretty rock on that left ring finger?

I have dated a couple of men in my life and two I was serious about. They were some of the "toughest" for lack of a better word, men you knew. A guys guy. They would bring up marriage. They would say, "We should get married" or "One day, I'm gonna marry you." So I think that if a man wants to marry you, he will express signs or comment on it. Women don't give credit to men for some things. Men don't fall in love quick, but when they do, they love hard. I believe that if a man really loves you and wants to marry you, he will muster up enough courage to ask. If you have been with someone for 7 years and they have not mentioned marriage at all, then they probably won't.

Overall, I don't know what the time frame should be. I know I wouldn't wait to invest five years into someone who can't see themselves spending the rest of their life with me, but I don't know if I would be ready in two years either. It's a decision that comes with the course of the relationship, so What's Your Opinion?